Initially started in the spring of 2013 by Kyle Fisher, Entropy began as a short term trio who never even got out to play a show. The group consisted of Landenberg, PA's Kyle Fisher, Dan Panczner, and Stephen Lyons. From the very first practice, it was apparent that the three had a wrought iron musical connection; they could feed off of each other and jam out improvised songs for hours on end. Bringing together a plethora of rock, indie, hardcore, and pop influences differing not only in genre but also in age, a unique double edged raw and intensity filled, yet ambient and euphoric musical blend was created. After a few short months of playing together, Stephen moved to Montana, Dan was sent away to live near Trenton, New Jersey, and Kyle was taken out of school and held away for the summer. They were all hundreds of miles apart in totally different worlds, yet, they all still kept in contact. As the 2013 summer began to come to an end, Kyle and Dan finally were able to meet up for the first time in months. Stephen decided to stay out west, but the two remaining members were still very interested in keeping their infant group alive. The decision was made that Dillon Camac, a friend and former bandmate of both Kyle and Dan, would take the place of Stephen. 

Rehearsals with Dillon began in the fall of 2013, and the group began recording their debut EP shortly after along with producer Kenny Eaton of Mystery Ton Studios. Following the successful release of the Philadelphia trio’s debut effort, Curve EP, the band parted ways with bassist Dan Panczner. Reasons for his departure are, and will be, kept personal. Longtime friend of Kyle’s, Mike Rogers, joined Entropy in June of 2014 only days before departing on their first tour. Following the completion of two summer tours, the band continued on with an intensive schedule of shows regionally in support of their debut record. Entropy returned to the studio in December 2014 and released a split single along with South Jersey’s Pines titled “Songs for the Winter”. The group’s single off of the record, “Mayflower”, received hundreds of downloads and over 20,000 views on YouTube in under a month from its release date, expanding the band’s fan base exponentially and forcing them to attentively get to work on their next project.

Returning to their go-to producer, Kenny Eaton, the outfit began to demo new material and work on their next record. The 2015 recording effort was put on hold by Kyle’s role in Vans Warped Tour, as well as Dillon Camac’s departure from the band. After a long and exhaustive search to re-finalize their line up, Demitri Grivas took over drumming duties for the band in February 2016.

Entropy is currently in the process of writing / recording / demoing new material, and preparing to capitalize on their highly anticipated 2016 year.